Ceiling 3

Ceiling 3

Ceiling 3

Full matt water-borne paint for ceilings. Product has excellent hiding power and levelling, leaves a perfect white surface. Non-dripping, non-splashing. Paint contains minimum amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

  • Very good hiding power and leveling
  • Improved paint open time.
  • Leaves a perfect white surface
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Area of use



8 - 12 m²/l


Full matt


airless spraying, brush, roller

Painting temperature

Surface should be clean and dry, air temperature between +5 °C and +23 °C, the relative air humidity below 80%. Avoid draught during painting.

Drying time at + 23 ° C and 50% relative air humidity

Stick free after 0.50(h). Paintable after 2(h).


Vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE)

Preparation of surfaces

Unpainted surfaces: Clean the surface of dust and dirt. Use suitable filler from Vivacolor series to treat uneven surface. Sand the surface and remove the dust formed. Filler-treated, porous or non-uniformly absorbing surfaces, as well as fibreboard- or cardboard surfaces shall be primed with waterborne priming paint Primer 1. Prime metal surface with priming paint for metals Universal Korrostop. Use alkyd priming paint Special Primer to prime surfaces treated with chalk-based whiting putty. When using any priming paint, follow relevant guidance for the product’s use. Previously painted surfaces: Remove residues of old paint. Clean the surface with cleansing agent Special Clean, rinse it with water and allow to dry. Sand glossy and hard surface until matt, remove dust. Weak and dusty surfaces should be treated with alkyd priming paint Special Primer. Use suitable filler from Vivacolor series to treat chinks and cracks, sand the surface and remove the dust formed. Use 10% diluted paint to prime the filler-treated surface.


Thoroughly mix paint Ceiling 3 before painting, thin with water if required up to 10% of volume. Apply 1 or 2 layers with roller, brush or airbrush.

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